WIND dancer


 We started a non profit in March 2013, to get as many foals as we can, nurse them back to health , then adopt them out to loving homes. Our goal was to start with 2 foals a year, we were fortunate enough to save 8 foals last year. My goal this year is to double that number if at all possible. I can hear you now, “How can I help? I can’t save the foal” But you can! You are the only one who can save them. Without your donations We will not be able to accomplish this. Last year I was very fortunate to have great friends and amazing students at my dance studio to help with the cost. That is the reason I named it Wind Dancer Foal Rescue .The foals range from 2 days old to a couple weeks old when we get them, they need constant care for several months or more. It is very similar to a new born baby. They depend on us for everything, even teaching them to be horses. Although this is not easy it is very rewarding to see them go from being a scared little baby that is literally ripped from their mother and all they know to someone’s best friend for life. These horses grow up to be more in touch with us and therefore become much better companions.

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